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Re: PS3 BO3 Freeze

WTF. Hard reset negatively affecting the system (see image).

BO3 sucks. Why did they ruin the great thing MW had going, e.g. graphics, sound effects, gameplay? (all non-MW Call of Duty games' effects sound like marshmallow guns and firecrackers buried beneath a mattress) Paid $50 for a fractional version of a horrible game that is unplayable due to freezing.

Never had any problems prior. Seems intentional. I hope a fix and/or refund are in the works.

At first, I was able to avoid hard reset by pressing the PS button and leaving the system menu up for the entire duration of intermission, from match end to match beginning. This did not allow for consistent gameplay though, there were still "migrating host" errors, lost connections, 60 sec countdown timer freezing (taking 5+ minutes to begin a new match) and random exits from the lobby back to the "find match" screen.

I have only completed 2 entire matches back to back, being logged in and attempting multiplayer matches for over 20 hours. Total, I have completed just a couple dozen multiplayer matches.

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